Hearing Aid Products

Using your Hearing Aid

a) Parts of the Hearing Aid


Custom Styles (In-The-Ear, In-the-Canal and Completely-In-The-Canal hearing aids):




Behind-The-Ear Styles



b) Inserting the battery


  • Using the fingernail of either your thumb or forefinger, pull the tab on the battery compartment outward until the compartment swings open all the way.
  • Place the proper size of battery into the battery compartment, observing the correct polarity. The "+" sign on the battery must match the "+" sign stamped on the top of the battery compartment door
  • Gently close the battery compartment door. Avoid forcing the battery door shut. If it does not close easily, check to see if the battery was inserted properly. Once the battery is in its proper position, your aid is ready to operate.